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    WYE Realty Advisors > Services

    Wye Realty Advisors is a boutique real estate advisory firm specializing in sourcing real estate opportunities for select clients, identifying capital for these investments, and investment alongside said clients in various transactions. The firm and its principals have demonstrated success in raising equity and debt capital for investment in real estate, within the office, industrial, retail and, multi-family asset classes, for stabilized properties, development projects, and land.

    Superior knowledge of real estate fundamentals, familiarity with local market conditions, and access to extensive capital sources are essential to managing the process of acquiring and capitalizing commercial real estate investments. The principals of Wye Realty Advisors bring to bear a multidisciplinary approach to the capitalization of property assets, with expertise in financial valuation, structuring transactions, documentation, due diligence, and closing.

    Wye Realty Advisors draws upon over 25 years of experience to provide specialized services in the following areas:

    Acquisitions Advisory & Tenant Representation

    Wye Realty Advisors understands the financial statement implications of corporate real estate ownership and leasing on operating companies, both public and private. We have the appetite and capacity to acquire corporate real estate assets, subject to leaseback. In certain cases, we are able to acquire excess property which the selling corporation may wish to vacate. We tailor transactions accordingly, to the corporate occupiers’ needs.

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    Development Site Monetization

    Wye Realty Advisors understands the land use process and the supply/demand characteristics of local markets which, in turn, drive approvals and land values. Additionally, the firm maintains contact with a numerous investors, both private and institutional, with knowledge and capability in obtaining land use approvals.

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    Investment Sales

    Wye Realty Advisors’ professionals maintain contact with a large database of owners and equity investors, including institutions, REITs, developers, and private real estate owners, as well as high net worth individuals. We leverage current local market knowledge and access to capital sources to assure best execution for our clients seeking to maximize value from their commercial real estate assets.

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    Mortgage Finance

    Access to mortgage capital and the proper structuring of debt in acquisitions and refinancing is tantamount to success in today’s capital-constrained real estate markets. Wye Realty Advisors’ principals have relationships with institutional lenders and local banking institutions to offer the greatest flexibility in addressing its investors’ borrowing needs.

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